#4:Store Coupons

Here is my take on using coupons when shopping. Coupons are an easy way to save huge amounts of money on products you use everyday. I have a receipt here from our last shopping trip to Wal-Mart and we saved, drum roll please, $45.15 from the total bill of $169.31. That savings is a fill up at the pump for people with normal cars. To put it another way if you went shopping each month for a year and say you saved $50 each time, at the end of the year you will have saved, $600. What can you do with $600?

Now I live in Austin, and the stores around here do not double or triple coupons. In the Northeast most grocery stores let you double or even triple the face value of the coupon up to $.99. Looking at my receipt if all my coupons where doubled I would have saved, $54.80 and if tripled $64.45 on this trip. Yearly that adds up to $657 and $773 respectively. That is big money savings over time!

(The black side) Now most of you are probably saying (looking for excuses) there are never any coupons for the stuff I buy or the coupons are always expired when I go to use them. Here is the answer thanks to technology and automation, go to self checkout. If you have a ton of expired coupons and they are similar in what you are buying use it through self checkout. There is no $5.50 pesky cashier to stop you from using those coupons. What ever way the coupons and the store software is coded, it is not perfect; yes there is a hole in the system. You can use as many expired coupons you desire.


One response to “#4:Store Coupons

  1. our market has this really cool thing…they have these wand things, you scan things when you take them off the shelves and put themin your bag as you go. And then you just hand the wand at the check out to pay and they plug it in. etc. What I like about it is that you can keep track of what you are spending and put things back, check prices, check coupons, etc. All automated. Easier to not throw thingsin the basket and then find out later you are paying $8 for a box of cookies. Or at least the temptation is less when you see it flash up on the screen wand.

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