#5:Gas tips

The price of gas is almost at $4.00 a gallon. Lucky for me I do not have a gas guzzler, but I still feel the pain. Well there are definitely a ton of things you can do to save gas but I am not here to give you common sense advice, visit here.

But here is what I can tell you:

1. Fill up your tank when it is cooler out, in the morning or late at night. Without going into the molecular structure of gas I can tell you that gasoline expands like anything else when the temperature goes up. The opposite when the temperature goes down. So when it is cooler out you actually get more gas for your money. Sorry I have no way of calculating this since there are too many variables.

2. When the pump shuts off, pull out the nozzle half way and turn it 90 degrees. There is still fuel remaining in that nozzle, fuel that you paid for.

3. Proper tire pressure is so important. Think of it this way, if you had the correct pressure in your tires it would take less energy to move your car forward. Now imagine you had 4 flat tires how much energy do you think it would take to move your car forward. For every square inch of pressure under the recommended, you use more energy.

4. If you are looking for an alternative way to save more then a few cents on your next fill up, then you will love my next tip. RUN YOUR CAR ON WATER!! This is a true and proven thing. I helped a friend convert his 2006 Honda Civic, and it works. You actually add about 10-15 miles to each tank. That adds up fast and you do not even have to buy an expensive hybrid. See what I am talking about below:

If you want to learn how to burn water in your car then, click here.


2 responses to “#5:Gas tips

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  2. holy cow.
    I just dont drive anywhere unless I have to. I am fortunate to work from home right now, walk my kids to school and I can walk to the market. I live on an island so that helps too, other thanthe fact that we have more expensive gas. I feel badly for the people who have to commute to the city daily. Oh, I save money by not going out, staying home and finding other things to do that I dont have to drive to, or spend money when I get there.

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