Why did I become so froogle? Because I work too hard for my money to just give it away. I will share with you all the ways I have saved money and how it adds up to thousands per year. Saving money is like making money, but easier. The posts you read here are all real life experiences of how I save money on everything. I will give you tips (black and white) on how you too can save lots of money.

About me: I am 33 year old and I live in Austin TX. My goal is to help as many people become cost concise and ultimately help establish a financial cushion for those rainy days. I have an MBA in Finance so I definitely know how to work a spreadsheet (.xls) and crunch numbers. I track most of our spending through an .xls and constantly look for ways to save money. I have helped many of my friends get out of financial messes and become debt free.

I would like to help people that are having financial problems. Post your financial question here and I promise I will help you.